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When you need to rely upon Desk Reviews of residential real estate appraisals, count on Kenneth Rossman for lightning quick turn times and uncannily accurate reviews to keep your operation abreast of your competition. We've combined unmatched customer service with the highest level of industry expertise to provide you with a desk review experience that's second to none.

We thoroughly review the accuracy and completeness of data presented in the appraisal. All appraisals are reviewed for compliance with Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), industry guidelines as well as any pre-defined client specific requirements.

Our reviewers also develop a sound opinion of the appropriateness of the appraisal methods and techniques used by the original appraiser. And, we conduct a quality control audit on every desk review.

The Federal Reserve requires financial institutions to have an effective, independent real estate appraisal and evaluation program. The Federal Reserve further requires that appraisers performing reviews must possess the knowledge and expertise to assess compliance with the Federal Reserves appraisal regulations and guidelines. Kenneth Rossman provides appraisal review services that are professional, independent, welldocumented, and fully comply with all Federal Reserve guidelines.

The Federal Reserve requires reviews to determine whether the appraisal or evaluation is appropriate for the transaction, the risk of the transaction, and whether the process by which the collateral valuation is obtained ensures independence and quality.

The Federal Reserve requires the reviewer to indicate whether the appraisal or evaluation report is consistent with the engagement letter, which sets forth the scope of the appraisal assignment.

The Federal Reserve advises that some banks supplement routine reviews with post-funding evaluations of appraisal quality for some of their higher-risk or greater-value transactions as a control to assist in detecting valuation problems.

There are four appraisal review service offerings currently in general use. Kenneth M. Rossman offers review services for any of them. They include an administrative desk review, an enhanced desk review, a basic field review and an expanded field review providing alternate comparable sales. Kenneth M. Rossman is experienced in all types of appraisal reviews and is well versed in current review procedures as well as all responsibilities of review appraisers.

Appraisal Field Reviews: We examine your appraisal for accuracy and provide an exterior field inspections of the subject and all comparable properties utilized for maximum appraisal certainty. Perfect for any situation demanding a second opinion on value.

Appraisal Desk Reviews: We examine your appraisal for accuracy. We scour several public record databases, assessor sites, the Multiple Listing Service and well as our extensive office files to rapidlydeliver high quality reviews.

Appraisal Desk Reviews: We examine your appraisal for accuracy. We scour several public record databases, assessor sites, the Multiple Listing Service and well as ourextensive office files to rapidly deliver high quality reviews.

The Residential Appraisal Field Review Report (Form 2000) is used by lenders as part of their quality assurance system and by individuals to verify or contest the data or conclusions of an existing report. Field inspections of the subject property andcomparables are NOT within the scope of a Desk Review